Lewkris Tabaqui

‘Kalli’ is my first home bred girl, and was born on 10th July 2012.

She had her first litter at the end of June 2013, and just like her Mum was two days late…..

She gave me 5 beautiful babies ( and many sleepless nights where she decided to move the kittens to various places in my bedroom )…….she really does adore her ‘kids’!!


Below are some of Kalli’s kittens:

Lewkris Dreams

‘Demi’ is another Lewkris baby, born 11th August,2012.

Her first litter was born 26th February 2014, and as you can tell from the photo, she was absolutely massive!!


She’s been a really good first time Mum, albeit that hiding the kittens under the bed rather than leaving them in the kitten box seemed to be a better idea as far as she was concerned…….


  • Name: Demi
  • Colour: Silver tortie tabby
  • Date Of Birth: 11th August 2012

Lewkris Cressida

A ‘home grown’ girl, born 25/6/2013


Belle had her first babies 7/9/2014, 5 lovely boys, pics on kitten page…


  • Name: Belle
  • Colour: Solid tortie and white
  • Date Of Birth: 25.6.2013

Coonaria Kiah

Kiah is such a gentle girl, the complete opposite of Mel. However, she does have a serious addiction to water…..turn the tap on and she comes running as if by magic.She flicks the running water with the paw, and occasionally puts her whole head underneath just to check where the water is coming from!!


Coonaria Blue Orchid

Holly is simply beautiful. I had already bought two Maine Coon girls, but when I saw her picture I just HAD to have her.Her coat is wonderful together with her temperament.

She had her first litter in my bedroom and did an excellent job in both giving birth and rearing six ‘small people’, two blue boys, two cream boys, a red boy and a brown tortie with white girl, who needless to say is not going anywhere!

  • Name: Holly
  • Colour: Blue Tortie Tabby and White
  • Date Of Birth: 17/5/2011

Coonaria Sweet Melissa

Mel is so dog-like in her mannerisms…..wherever I am, she’s never far away! She comes to her name and can always be found in the middle of mischief !

She is so fearless she had her first litter laying by my side in the lounge amid the other cats and my 8 dogs….trust me, nothing would DARE argue with her…….She produced a cream silver boy, a blue boy and two silver tortie girls ( all tabby).


  • Name: Mel
  • Colour: Silver Tortie Tabby
  • Date Of Birth: 20/3/2011

Maine Coon Studs

Coonaria Samson

Coonaria Samson , D.O.B 16/2/2012 ‘Sammi’ is the most gentle male cat I have ever met ! He comes to me for a hug even when he is entertaining his lady friends……. and still comes indoors once the girls are safely upstairs every evening to repose on the sofa with my dogs, watching T.V or helping me finish my evening meal…..Sammi is a star!! He has successfully mated four of my girls to date, not bad for his first season!!

Coonaria Ohio Of Lewkris

Oakie is the most amazing soft brown and white boy, loves everybody and a joy to be owned by!!

D.O.B  29/6/2013

Meadowmaines Winston, ‘Bear’ to his friends.

My new stud boy, red tabby and white.

Date of Birth 10.1.2015